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Dr. Michael Braungart

EPEA International Umweltforschung GmbH

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Professor Dr. Michael Braungart is founder and scientific CEO of “EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH” in Hamburg. He is also co-founder and scientific head of “McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry” (MBDC) in Charlottesville, Virginia (USA), and founder and scientific head of the “Hamburger Umweltinstitut” (HUI). These institutes share values embracing intelligent, aesthetic and eco-effective Design. Mr. Braungart is co-author of several books, including “The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability – Designing for Abundance," 2013. Michael Braungart has received several awards. Among others the “Océ-van-der-Grinten Award”, the “B.A.U.M. Award” in 1999, the “Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award” from the US EPA in 2003 and the “Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award (SEA) of Excellence” for his exceptional commitment to the promotion of sustainable entrepreneurship in 2013.